Repair 1999 Honda Odyssey or move on?

My 1999 Honda Odyssey - 161,000 miles (I’m the original owner)- now needs a new catalytic converter, 4 new tires, and the rear defroster has stopped working. I have maintained this car according to the owner’s manual schedule. I had planned to keep the car for about 2 more years. Is it time to move on or is it worth putting some bucks into this van?

do you have a budget in mind, should you decide to buy a new car?

Are you sure you need a new catalytic converter? Why can’t you keep driving with this one? You can survive without a rear defroster.

I’d put minimal money into this van but keep driving it.

Are you on the original transmission? This engine will last forever but the transmissions usually don’t last this long.

If the van won’t run without a new cat converter, stay away from the dealer and go with a less expensive aftermarket part such as,carcode,1355655,parttype,5808

I think I agree…It seems Goldwing and I are unabashed HONDA FANS…with good reason. They make very high quality…well…EVERYTHING…Everything they make is honestly Top Notch. SO…The tires…Everybody needs them…buy em… The rear defroster is a luxury item and to be honest Ive NEVER used any of mine ever… SO I am sure you could live without. The Cat…why do you say the cat is bad? Who told you that? It is quite rare for the Cat to fail on a vehicle…and if it does you should see about 250K miles on the odometer…I have seen them last over 350K miles and still going strong. So unless you damaged yours or it for some reason has collapsed inside and will not permit exhaust to flow thru…or it rusted through… Then you most likely do NOT need a new cat. Say that you do…Follow Goldwings advice…the dealer will absolutely RAPE you…BUT their OEM Cats last a LOOONG TIME. Find out who the OEM maker is on the internet…and then go anbuy one yourself…shouldnt be very difficult to do… OR just buy a nice high quality one…not the cheapest one you can find.

Honestly…please tell us why you need a new Cat

Aside from all that if the body is not rusting out…the transmission shifts properly…and the vehicle is in general good shape then there is NO REASON at all why you cannot drive her to 200K miles…they are built for this. Have you had the Timing belt serviced? VERY VERY important to your ability to drive to see 200K.

Yes, we need to know if the cat is really bad and if yes why. I haven’t had a cat go bad on me yet. If it is because your engine is going through oil too fast then it might be time to move on. I will get a 2nd opinion on that.

Check engine light went on and when I took it to my trusty garage (not dealer) they told me the catalytic converter needed replaced. PA has emission inspections so it may not pass inspection. Transmission was replaced under warranty, timing belt has been replaced. Thanks for all your input.

I’d get a second or third opinion about the catalytic converter. Put as little money into this van as you can, the replacement transmissions weren’t any better than the original ones.

“They make very high quality…well…EVERYTHING…Everything they make is honestly Top Notch.”

Some of their transmissions make very high quality boat anchors.
"Transmission was replaced under warranty . . . "
This was one of the fortunate customers to have the first one go out while under warranty !


My BIL and I have 2000 & 2001 Odysseys, respectively. Some will throw an OBD code that indicates that the catalytic converter is out of range. I would have the oxygen sensors that trigger that code checked to make sure they are not the cause of the code. It is a case where the messenger might be wrong. My transmission was replaced under warranty, too. Make sure you drain and fill the ATF every year or so. Also, if the EGR passage gets clogged (it will trigger the check engine light), it will cause the tranny to act weird. Odysseys have some quirks, but if taken care of, they are very good vehicles.