Repainting a 1997 Ford F150

I have a white 1997 F-150 with a red pin stripe, and and the extended cab. The paint’s pretty badly faded, and I was wondering if I could paint it myself with a couple cans of Rust-Oleum, or something like that. I don’t think I would have to sand it, as the body’s pretty straight, and there are little to no scratches on it. Would I have to prime it first, or just paint over what’s already on it, after cleaning it up first? Or, should I consider something else besides Rust-Oleum to use? Is there anyone who can offer me some advice? Thanks!

RustOleum is NOT car paint. It will fade and chalk up within about a year or so. And a couple of cans won’t paint a truck. A couple of CASES of cans would be needed. And YES you have to sand every inch of the truck and you should prime and seal it as well. And it will look horrible when you are done with fuzzy stripes everywhere.

Painting cars is not for the novice and it doesn’t come cheap.

The best you can get is to buff the shine back into the paint.

You can do it but it will look terrible . Why not check with a detail shop or even price a cheap paint shop ? If you do decide to do this find something metal to practice on first .