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Rental car for vacation

Does it make sense to rent a car to travel 1000 miles (with my corporate discount I’ll be able to rent for a week a car for $97, unlimited mileage) on vacation, or should I put the mileage on my sports car? My car will be cramped and gets 26 on the highway, and the rental is a Yaris and gets 35-40 on the highway. Comments?

It makes sense but you can’t brag about it.

What kind of sports car? Do you enjoy driving it? Does the other half enjoy riding in it?

A vacation is to enjoy. If I were driving 1000 miles for vacation I’d rather make the drive part of the enjoyment.

How long is the vacation? 1000 miles will cost you just over $150 at $4/gallon vs. about $100-115 for the Yaris. If it is a long trip, time-wise, it might cost less in your car but then you need to think of your comfort and wear & tear on your car.

Hope that helps!

Financially no it really doesn’t make sense. But for other reasons like room and comfort it’s probably worth it.

A lot depends on what luggage and extras you need to take. You didn’t tell us that part of the equation.

With my spouse, we have lots of extras, so the larger the car, the better off I am on the trip, generally regardless of gas cost.

I can see renting the car to prevent wear and tear on your car. Otherwise, it isn’t worth it.

The ONLY good reason to rent a car like the Yaris is the additional space for luggage, etc. Both will be equally (un)comfortable to ride in on a long trip. If the spotscar is too cramped, go for it. If you want to spend a few extra dollars and get much more comfort, rent a Corolla, Civic, or Hyundai Elantra.

This is one you get to decide. Neither is a bad choice. It is really hard to say which might cost you more in the long run, but my guess is renting will cost a little more (not counting any difference in fuel cost). Do what you want. Have fun and don’t worry about it.

If you do decide to rent, check the rental agreement carefully. I have found the “unlimited mileage” deals often limit you to adjacent states, so going cross-country might violate the rental agreement.

Only 1000 miles?..that’s not much when you consider the total miles you will put on your car…

I don’t think the difference in outlay would be significant. As far as not putting miles on your car, that’s a personal choice. However, if you are going to keep the car for more than a few months, an extra 1,000 miles isn’t going to mean squat as far as the car’s value goes.