Renault clio fuse replacement

Hi there,
I’m a new driver, and don’t know anything about cars!
My Clio (2013 MK4 I think) has a blown fuse I believe for the eco button
Pressing the button doesn’t do anything but all the wires are in place, 12v still runs through the blue cable to ground though.
Now, I need to test the fuse to see if this is the issue, the only problem is I can’t find the fuse I need to test
Online and in my owner manual the fuse layout is completely different to my own

I’ve uploaded an image of the actual fuse layout, the box in my car is in a different place also, under the glovebox.
Is anyone able to assist? id really appreciate it
Thanks so much

This is a US site witn mostly US members. We haven’t seen a Renault in the US for 40 years sooo… no familiarity with the Clio.

Why do you think the Eco button does nothing? I doubt you’d feel much difference in any setting Eco on or off based on my experience with similar features in other cars.

Does your manual even show an Eco fuse? What valuse is it? 5 amp? 2.5 amp? Just test each fuse with that value. You can do that without removing the fuse using an ohmmeter touching the metal in the little windows in the top of the fuse.

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Hi there
There is a little light on the dashboard that says “eco” which is supposed to light up
I’ve searched through the manual and there isn’t a fuse for the button, I assume it’s grouped under another name.
I might be completely wrong I don’t know is the problem.
All fuses are above 5a and I’ve tested them all, all seem clear.
Not sure what my problem is, might need to get it professionally diagnosed

First off, not familiar with the Clio at all. The diagram below shows the fuse layout but does not show an Eco fuse.

Fuse 31 shows an “Energy ECU” fuse so (guessing) that might be the one in question?
Whenever electrical issues are involved I check all fuses as a first step; both in dash and underhood.
I tend to think a fuse may not be the cause of the problem. It would not let me post a link to the entire thing.

If Renaults are similar to many/most newer cars, there is a fuse compartment under the hood, as well as the one underneath the dashboard. Has the OP checked both?

That picture is of the fuse box under the hood, not the one in the left side of the dashboard. Plus there is no fuse for the eco button in either fuse box. Take it to a qualified mechanic if you believe the eco button isn’t working. All that button does is instruct the PCM to slightly lower the speeds at which the transmission upshifts.

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Hi there, I’ve checked all fuses using a multimeter, grounding one end and testing the metal connections to ensure power is passing through
I’ve yet to find a faulty fuse, even under the hood

Hi there, the picture I sent was of the internal fuse layout
Under the hood I only have about 6or7 high amp fuses
I’m going to try and contact Reno directly and see what they say

Those types of circuits generally are not fused. The switch is connected to the computer, the computer sees a closed circuit or an open circuit. There is no need to protect the circuit with a fuse.