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Removing tinting film from heated door glass

I just bought a 1988 ford car with tinting film on the rear hatch glass which is heated . how can I remove this film without damaging the heating elements.

Carefully use a heat gun to melt/peel it off.

Take two black plastic garbage bags and cut them in the same shape as the rear glass. Soak the outside of the glass with soapy water and cover the window with one of the garbage bags and smooth it out. Spray the inside of the glass with undiluted ammonia onto the tinting film and cover it with the other garbage bag and smooth that out. Park the car so the sun beats onto the back glass for about an hour. Then at one corner of the inside garbage bag, start peeling off the garbage bag while spray ammonia between the tint and glass. This should remove the tint without damage to the heating grid.


sounds like it should woor I’ll get it a try thanks