Removing stains from naugahide upholstry

The naugahide upholstry in my boat, (sorry its not a car can we still talk about it?) had small leaves and green flowers/ seeds fall in it from a tree while it was in for service. it was baked on because its white a few of those days were 80 F +. I’ve tried Bleach, Goo Gone, Goof Off and Tech Stain remover. The yellow spots are still on the seats. Any suggestions? thanks

A good upholstery shop is your best bet. The leaves have bleached the color out of the naugahyde so the color will have to be restored.

You won’t get it off the white plastic. It can’t be cleaned well. That is the worst color of that stuff.

I feel your pain. About 10 years ago, I bought an older tri-hull with a ratted up interior. I bought all new seating material (vinyl) in white with brown trim from a friend’s Dad who was in the business = a real deal. Then I found some guy working out of a garage who was recommended by another friend and he did an absolutely fantastic job of reupolstering the seats, back rests etc including new foam for such a great price I couldn’t believe it.

That summer, few maple leaves got on the seats and stained them pretty good. I ended up using Oxy Clean and although not completely gone, they were very hard to notice. I bought the powder form and worked it into a paste with some water on a rag and then worked it into the stained areas. That’s what I would recommend trying first or any “protein attacking” stain remover.

Although white is a bear to keep clean, it’s the best for boat seating as it does not scorch your skin after being in the hot sun. I had a boat with brown seats and it was insane to sit on them without a towel to cover them up…