Removing Manifold on V6 Escape



Alright, I’ve decided to do this very challenging task on my own. Before I start, I’ve reading all kinds of horror stories across makes about getting those nuts off.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m considering something like the CRC freeze-off (combo freeze and penetrant). It seems like that should work.

Any other advice?


You need HEAT.

Take a propane torch and heat the nuts for the exhaust manifold as hot as possible. Try removing the nut and if it starts to bind STOP! Put the torch back on the nut…etc.



I would use PB Blast. Also, I am not sure a propane torch would get it hot enough. I always used an oxygen/mapp gas torch but the general public has limited access.

Also, Lisle tools makes an exhaust manifold spreader which very well may benefit your task. Use them in pairs.