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Removing lock nuts

I assume lock nuts generally are removed by simply rotating them off the threaded stud they are on. I assume the stud should be OK if a nut can go back onto it. I know there are many types of lock nut, for example the oval-shaped nuts that I assume deform around the stud.

does removal of a lock nut in general damage the stud?

i wouldn t think so junior, in slip critical connections the extreme torque can deform the connectors, but i think only the lock nut would be damaged in the situation you describe

Generally a lock nut is a single use item. While it won’t deform the stud, it won’t be a lock nut anymore and a new one needs to be used.

The stud will be fine. The nut won’t have as much retaining torque but you can use it again. Add a little medium strength threadlocker when you reassemble and it should be fine.

Bing is correct. Many lock nuts used on cars are designed to deform on application and need to be replaced. The ones on my front hubs are specifically identified this way in the Toyota design drawings and repair procedures.

If a lock nut is in a critical place, like wheel hubs, you should never try to take a shortcut and reuse them. In noncritical applications, when in doubt change it out.

Oh, they don’t generally harm the stud when removed. They’re the “sacrificial” element of the marriage.