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Lock Nut Problem

My wife’s 2008 Saturn Astra’s lug nuts were inexplicably switched out to include a factory lock nut on each wheel during a tire rotation. This happened just before the dealership lost its Saturn certification. When I went to get new tires the lock nut key broke. I assume they used an impact wrench to try and get them off. Here’s my problem. I need a new lock nut key #200. However, there is no way of ordering a specific lock nut key from GM. The “design” of the lock is random. The GM part number is 9162914. Suggestions please.

This socket is designed to remove anti-theft lug nuts. Remove the lug nuts and replace them with the regular lug nuts.


The best way to avoid this problem will be to authorize your mechanic to use a fluted socket to remove the wheel locks and replace them with regular lug nuts. This sort of thing happens all the time with those keyed lug nuts, and the best way to avoid it is to not use them. If you still feel the need to have wheel security, you can get a set of splined lug nuts from a custom wheel shop. They are expensive, but much more durable than other, cheaper designs, and they look pretty cool too if that matters to you. I bought a car once that happened to have a set of splined lug nuts on it, and never had a problem or felt like they were going to break.

Tester’s socket is what I referred to in my post.

These particular lock nuts have a spinner surrounding the nut. So, if I put anything over the nut it simply spins and doesn’t turn the nut.

Then I’d weld the spinner to the nut and then hit it with the socket.