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Removing Fix-a -Flat from Clothing

While attempting to fix my flat tire the fix-a-flat I was using sprayed out the top and onto my nice down coat. Does anyone have experience getting that obnoxious substance/smell out of clothing? I don’t want to throw out the coat!!

Thank you!

I would suggest a professional dry cleaner.

 I also would suggest a professional cleaner.  I suspect there will be nothing they can do.  

 I might add, Fix-a-flat should only be considered for emergency conditions.  It is a poor product that sounds good, but is not.  You are likely to find it difficult to find anyone who will clean up the mess inside your tyre now.  If you don't clean it up, likely will be end up being out of balance.

It’s probably as bad as trying to remove the expanding foam insulation from clothing. That stuff clings to EVERYTHING…even teflon.

I had some of that stuff spray out on the sleeve of a nice sweatshirt a couple of years ago. My neighbor asked me to pump up her tire with my little compressor but didn’t tell me about the Fix-A-Flat. I still have the shirt but the dried foam is still on the sleeve. I’m afraid that stuff is permanent on clothing.