Remove Windstar dash

I need to remove the dashboard of my 01 Windstar so I can repair the blend door. The Haynes manual is no help because it basically begins with “after the dash is removed . . .”.

I read somewhere not even to TRY it (let dealer do it) because static electricity will damage the printed circuits, and then I’ll have REAL problem$$$$. Is this true?

If this is hogwash, and it’s something I can do myself, can someone get me started? I’ve removed and re-installed a few dashboards in my life, but this looks a little imposing-but if I could just get a good starting place . . .

If the Haynes manual is of no help (try reading a different section) you will need a factory manual. Removal of the dashboard will be complicated and time-consuming. It can be done, but you will need a manual that shows you where all the fasteners are and how to disconnect everything.

The Haynes manual for my car shows a step-by-step procedure for removing the dashboard, but it’s not in the HVAC section, it’s in the BODY section. Keep reading.

You may not need to remove the complete dash assembly.

Read the last post on this thread :

As far as the static question is concerned : If you do have to remove the complete dash, there is a risk that you could discharge static to the printed circuits and fry a solid state component. Before you touch any of these circuits, discharge yourself by touching a known good ground or make your self a grounding strap - 2 - 3 feet of wire, strip one end and attach to a good ground point, strip about 6 - 8 inches from the other end and turn it round your wrist.

  • Make sure you disconnect your battery before you start this job.

Looks like that was the procedure for replacing the blend door motor. If the blend door itself is broken, then more or all of the dash will have to come out. However, it does seem like it would be good to start with the center section, just in case the door is okay.

Static can hurt a memory chip so wet the floor first or do it when it’s raining. It’s sort of hogwash because a bullchip can’t be damaged by static.