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Remote starter for manual transmission

Can a remote starter work on a manual transmission? If so, what about bypassing the clutch-depression safety switch?

If you bypass the switch the engine will start with the transmission in gear. Not good.

There would be bypass on clutch switch, however you will have to leave your car in neutral with parking brake on.

For those reasons is why mechanics won’t install them on a manual transmission. It can be done…but if you leave the car in gear and try to start it…it could cause serious damage to other people/cars/buildings/trees…etc…If you don’t leave it in gear and forget to put the parking brake on…other things could happen…or if you do put the parking brake on, but it doesn’t hold the car well…or you’re parked on a hill…Too many ways to really screw things up…just not worth it.

It depends on the car.

Some cars don’t make you press the clutch to start the car if the transmission is in neutral. If you have one of those, it should be easy.

I still wouldn’t do it…Leaving a parked car in neutral is NOT a good/safe idea.

If the OP is serious about installing a remote starter he/she might be willing to chock the wheels or park on level ground.

Maybe…but that one time they forget…

they make kits just for manual boxes,and it adds alot to the cost of labor,for the switches to sense where the shifter is,and pedal position.

just more install time,never by-pass the clutch pedal switch.

we all have days we forget,and that could be ugly getting hit by your own car,with no driver.(try claiming that on the insurance)