Remote lockouts foil farm equipment thieves

I think that most of us are familiar with the anti-theft features of GM’s OnStar device. Apparently John Deere farm equipment also comes with some sophisticated electronic features. :grin:

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Yeah farming today is anything but low tech. What was that famous Bloomberg statement again? The equipment has on-line monitoring to determine fertilizer, seeds, yield, etc. Every field is mapped by GPS and even self-driving. Nothing like the old days of using horses to pull a plow. It’s amazingly sophisticated.

I’ll have to say though, I’ve been in a number of countries over there but never saw any green and yellow farm equipment that I recall. Mostly blue and red. So that’s a surprise.

I don’t find the sophisticated anti-theft equipment surprising. The combines mentioned in the article are $300,000 each. The added security is a drop in the bucket compared to the purchase price. Surely theft of such expensive equipment is a problem in the US too.

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