Remote controlled airplane

I drive a 2003 Buick Regal. Recently it sounds like a remote controlled airplane hwen I accelerate. I don’t hear the sound when at idle. Whazzup?

Might be related or a completely different problem. When going from stop to accelerate or vice versa, I hear a muffled “pop” (like finger in the cheek pop).

hole in muffler or exhaust system.

gee i thought this was going to be an interesting question about RC airplanes!

Any bucking/jerking or Check Engine Light on, or CEL flashing, etc? Idle smooth? How many miles on the car?
Some more info would help.

Making a wild guess with the current info it sounds like you have a severe engine miss that is popping back through the intake and that could be any one of a hundred things but without info it’s tough to even make a wild guess.

Like cappy I was looking forward to hearing about your airplanes.

The buzzing noise may be from the exhaust or simply a loose heat shield. Should be easy to locate when the car is on the lift.