Dead battery

replaced the battery had the altenator checked and the starter both passed but the battery still goes dead after a few days and I have to jump start it please help

You did no check for a dark load. Modern cars have things that consume energy even when the car is off.

Do you have an after market security system? They tend to cause this kind of problem, even OEM security systems can cause the problem. How about a heavy duty audio system?

Please Tell The Make, Model, Model Year, Engine/Transmission (if known).

Some problems with vehicles are Make/Model/Equipment specific. This may or may not help us.


any after market stuff added? like a radio, cell phone, subwoofer?

have you checked to make sure the trunk light goes off when the trunk is shut? is there a engine compartment light? does that go off too?

You could have a bad wire on the alternator wiring harness. One could be frayed and is grounding out. This happened to my kid’s car. Have your mechanic look there.