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Reman engines

Looking to buy a reman engine for my wifes 2002 Prizm which will be installed by me. Anyone have experience with for engines they are out of Jacksonville,FL.? I want to deal with a company that puts a great product AND the best price and with a true warranty. Don’t want to spend $2200 bucks only to learn that THE place was just down the street!

Might check out Jasper Engines. They have a large number of distributors and are pretty well renowned for putting together a good product.

I was also gonna suggest Jasper, but I don’t think you can buy directly from Jasper. You might have to buy through a distributor or repair shop (who would mark up the price more).

I suppose you have checked the price of a salvaged engine. With some cars, they are in hight supply and relatively cheap.

Yeah, this is the same car as a Toyota Corolla so you might be able to find one of the very cheap low-mileage “crate engines” from Japan for it.

Greasy is right…Few cars are are worth installing a new or rebuilt engine. I my opinion, you will have better luck with a factory assembled “re-cycled” engine and save about half the cost.