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Relocation of oil filter using an aftermarket kit

I have a Toy with the 3.4L V6 engine. I hate the location of the oil filter. It faces down, oil runs down the pan, skid-plate, your arm, and I want to relocate it using an aftermarket kit. They have 24, 36, and 48 inch hose kits available. I called my Toy dealer and they said… They do not recommend moving the filter upward on the wheel well or having the filter opening face upward. This may cause too much strain on the oil pump and result in a premature oil related engine failure. Of course, they suggested/recommended allowing them to change my oil & filter.

I change my oil/filter at the recommended intervals and always use quality synthetic oil (Mobil 1 OW-30). The temperature rarely gets below freezing and my vehicle is garaged overnight. I plan to purchase the 24 or 36 inch hose kit.

Are there any cases of oil pump failure directly attributed to using oil filter relocation kits on Toyota’s or any vehicles for that matter (where the kit was installed properly)?

I have used these oil filter relocation kits to add duel filters for desert racing and never had a oil pump failure - caused by the filter relocation.

I wouldn’t do it if there is an engine warranty still in place. They would use it as a excuse to deny coverage. Other than that, go for it. I’ve used these kits myself on some hot rods and have not had issues. Just make sure that the lines and filter are protected from road hazards and moving parts.

You might want to think about the ID of the oil lines. If it is too small you might increase pressure and compromise flow. Given your experience, you probably know more about these than anyone else here!