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Just a general comment

I have always changed my oil/filter myself being an old aircraft mechanic–but lo and behold toyota has caught up with me on my 06 camry4 and located the filter where it is IMPOSSIBLE to access and would you know that the vehicle was overfilled by 2 quarts at a recent dealer oil change–despite draining it too the full mark it continues well over full after a subsequent oil change with no apparent damage after 3000 miles-- ce la guerre

Oh, it might look impossible, but there’s got to be a way to get to it. Some amount of elbow grease and colorful choice phrases might help too.

Pretty bad that a dealer could overfill an engine that drastically…kinda makes you wonder if they even remembered to drain the old oil out, or maybe they filled it twice…

I had a Nissan that had an oil filter in an unreachable location – if the car was on the ground. But changing it was a trivial job when the car was lifted. So I imagine your Camry’s filter is similarly located. The overfill? Always check the oil level before driving off the lot.

You never came back to your old thread and told us what you figured out. Are you certain you don’t have a dipstick or contamination problem?

I think one of those scenarios is more likely than overfilled oil managing to linger in your engine after draining the extra, not to mention the second oil and filter change.

Buy a good set of ramps to drive your car on, and I’m sure you will be able to get the oil filter out and a new one installed. I own one of these “impossible Nissans”, and routinely change my own oil & filter.