Reliance on Tesla's Autopilot

… has resulted in two Vehicular Manslaughter charges for a Tesla driver:

And the IIHS has come out with a new rating system, making it clear that "Despite misleading messaging from some manufacturers, for now, at least, self-driving cars are not available to consumers. What many vehicles on the market do have is partial automation. The human driver must still handle many routine driving tasks that the systems aren’t designed to do. "
IIHS creates safeguard ratings for partial automation

While I applaud this, I’d be even happier if they’d charge Musk/Tesla as accessories. There’s no excuse for telling people your car can drive itself when it can’t.


I’ll just stick to my “manual” car. Meaning…the human handles all the driving.

Seems so much simpler that way.


If autopilot and Autonomous vehicles become the norm in the future. does that mean we won’t need driver’s licenses or auto insurance anymore?

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Who would pay for damages if the car screws up?

And throw in whatever truck commercial no hands passing a car, oh my!

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As reported several times in this forum the makes of autonomous vehicles have said they would take responsibility. Now that may change.

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