Reliability of Eurovan



I make two trips a year between Canada and Mexico. I am considering buying a Eurovan, but I am concerned about the reliability.


You should be aware that the word “reliable” is normally not used in the same sentence as “VW”, unless “reliable” is preceded by the word “not”.

#3 estimates that the average owner willpay $3445 over 5 years for repairs o a 2003 EuroVan. It would cost $2565 on average for a 2003 Odyssey for 5 years. It’s not as reliable as an Odysses, but does he extra $900 over 5 years scare you off? BTW, a comparably equipped EuroVan will sell for moe that $900 less than an Odyssey.

Since this is a used car, you need to spend most of your time looking for a van that has been well cared for. If it has been maintained well by the previous owner and you maintain it well, most vans will give you good service for a long time.