Reliability and comfort?

2010 NEW Mercedes-Benz E350 or 2007 USED(20.000Miles) BMW M6 or 2008 USED(20.000Miles) BMW 650i ?

which one would be better choice?

and in cars for me IMPORTANT: reliability and comfort

and really BMW M6 hard to enter rear sets? and are rear sets will be comfortable for not only children ???

and really BMW M6 hard to enter rear seAts? and are rear seAts will be comfortable for not only children ???

If reliability and comfort are your top criteria, buy a Lexus LS400 series. There is no car in the world that can even come close if you combine these two qualities.

Going down the line, Infiniti or Acura both score well.

If you want to buy American, large Buicks have very good reliability, low oprating costs and a lot of comfort. Very quiet ride, too.

For the 2 qualities you mention, I would not even look at the 3 candidates you present. They have good, but not great, comfort but the reliability and operating costs are bad news.

Your choices are a bit rich for my blood. As far as comfort just sit in each of the cars and see what you think.

Reliability, the new Benz has a warranty, and the BMW’s are fairly new too. Check Consumer Reports and JD Power ratings.

The BMW M6 is tuned for performance and sometimes reliability suffers when high tech performance systems are the priority. Also parts for the M6 might be a bit more rare on some of those performance goodies. Therefore I’d wonder more about the reliability of the M6 compared to the others you are considering.

I agree with Doc on looking at other alternatives. The BMW, which I would recommend in other models of friends I know, are quite reliable, but expensive overall to maintain.
If you want comfort and can live with the less than best reliability, I’d personally include some of the Caddy models. GM over the years has made some of the more comfortable cars out there.

I agree with Docnick. If you want comfort and reliability, the Lexus LS is a better choice than anything you’re looking at now.

Jaguar XF, Cadillac STS, Lexus IS-F, 2008 or 2009 CTS-V. The CTS-V will eat the M6 for lunch. If you buy a CTS-V, go to driving school. It can be a very dangerous car if yo don’t know how to drive it.

I’d go with a 2 - 3 year-old E-Class. The diesels are a great balance of performance and reliability. Check out this 30-day 100,000 mile test run:

Driven 30 days non-stop (just to add fuel, change drivers, and scheduled service)
Covered 100,000 miles
Average speed 140 MPH (included all stops)
Average mileage = 40 mpg

I love the M-Series BMW’s, but they are NOT comfortable – the stiff suspensions, big wheels and tires will kill you as a daily driver. An M3/M5/M6 on the track is serious fun, but not on the street.


Isn’t it a lot easier (fun) spending someone’s money on recomending cars like this then the usual…

"I want something in 4wd, very reliable, can seat five in comfort with excellent economy…Oh; I only want to spend $3K.

and if im readying spend about $50.000k, then what u gonna say? im NOT, NOT American or Mexican guy to looking fot best car around 10.000$ lol, if you are from US may you know Armenians(it’s my nation)… i wanna normal exotic car about 50.000$ and im REALLY ready pay that cost

What a conundrum! Do you buy one over-priced German luxury car or another over-priced German luxury car?

If you want a reliable car, you don’t probably want a German luxury car. If you want comfortable, you need to test each of these cars to find out what is comfortable for you. Your ergonomic requirements are unique to you.

Have you tried getting into and out of the rear seats on the M6? Was it difficult for you to get into and out of the rear seats?

I’m gonna say what I said before…it’s a lot more fun and easier making suggestions and spending your money when you have the money to spend then when you don’t; it’s that simple…but I don’t need the nationality reference and the regular posters get what I’m saying.

I guess that you mean you live in Europe and not North America by your comment. There is a lot to be said for buying a “local” car. I suggest that you look seriously at a Jaguar XF. Jag reliability has come a long way, and this is a very nice car.

I’m just interested in learning about the seATs.

We cannot possibly tell you which would be the better choice for YOU, only which would be the better choice for US as individuals…and we might even disagree.

Personally, my priorities are comfort, reliability, and long term affordability. I wouldn’t buy any of the three you’ve referenced. Doc’s Lexus suggestion is a good one, but I’d go with an IS 250 droptop. I like droptops. In your category the IS 350 or even the 350F might be just the ticket…but that isn’t in your list. You want a German luxury car.

Choose whichever you prefer. Only you can know that.

“If reliability and comfort are your top criteria, buy a Lexus LS400 series. There is no car in the world that can even come close if you combine these two qualities.”

A Grand Marquis or a Town Car will do more than come close…

The Benz and the Bimmer are not about comfort and reliability. They are about image and status…

I guess you don’t want a Toyota Avalon which is supposed to have great rear seats. The small rear seats in the BMW are for short trips and the Mercedes is a new design so reliability is unknown. One of the Buicks looks like a possibility too.

mountainbike; Europeans buy cars for different reasons than Americans. In Europe, durability nearly always takes a back seat to PRESTIGE. BMW and Mercedes have the Prestige reputation, and good roadholding, even if that is not important to the buyer. The Avalon is really a Japanese Buick, a cushy type of car only the French seem to like.

I suspect OP lives in Europe, and is determined to make a social statement about his new found wealth. Therefore, a recommendation of a good car that is not well known in Europe will fall on deaf ears. Since there are so many unreliable cars in Europe, OP probably wants us to recommend one that does not fall apart in his hands. So, a BMW might be his best choice. Acuras are sold a Hondas, and Lexus has not made any penetration yet. Buicks are for very old and rich people in Europe. Germans make outright fun of them.

Masculinity plays a big role too. My Europen friends, for instance would not be caught dead driving a car like a Honda Prelude, as it is considered a “lady’s car”.

In conclusion, I would modify my own recomendation by suggesting what cars to AVOID, such as any Jaguar, Audis, any Italian car, Volvos (very uncertain future), and let OP make up his own mind. You can’t argue with pre-conceived notions, and cultural, testosterone, and image issues.

“In conclusion, I would modify my own recomendation by suggesting what cars to AVOID, such as any Jaguar, Audis, any Italian car, Volvos (very uncertain future)…”

The only upscale European sport sedan with decent reliability is a late model Jaguar. They are expensve to repair when they need work, but will need that work less often than the usual list of suspects (Audi, MB, BMW). I’m not sure about the Citroen C6, though it does seem to fit into the same price range. I’m certainly with you on the others.

whAT’s The Big deAL About The seATs ?