Relapsing/Remitting EGR? Demonic Possession?

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1998 Camry V6

So I have myself an inspection sticker. The light went out, the codes went away, and I was happy for a week or so.

Fast forward to now, and my car has Relapsing/Remitting EGR issues. (I think. Still haven’t ruled out possession)

On a typical 10 day cycle:

Day 1 - 2, car idles very rough. Check engine light comes on. Improves as engine heats up.

Day 3 - 5, car idles somewhat rough. Improves as engine heats up.

Day 6 - 7, car stars fine. no rough idle. check engine light goes out.

Day 8, back to day 1.

Rinse. Repeat.

I have yet to find a place close by that offers free trouble-code reading. I do plan to head out to my cousin’s place to have that done, but I’m hoping someone can give some kind of educated insight into what the heck might be going on here before I do so.


Even though the EGR valve looks and feels OK off the car it could still be binding when in operation. There’s vibration, pressure, vacuum and temperature changes going on.

For test purposes you can make a “blind” gasket from aluminum flashing to block the EGR port. Run with that for a few days and see if the rough idle stops.

Now that you have your sticker, wait until it’s running good and at that point, disconnect the EGR valve…Cars ran great for over 70 years without EGR valves and so will yours…

Hrm… Think that might explain the relapsing aspect? Honestly, i’ve never seen anything like that where it comes and goes so dramatically.