Frozen gas lines

With gasoline containing 10% ethanol,

is it safe to assume todays fuels will not freeze in cold weather?

In ordinary circumstances, yes, fuel lines will not freeze. If someone claims otherwise, that he had this recent experience, ask him how he is certain the lines were frozen rather than the car suffering from some other cold-related starting problem.

The above remarks do not apply to Siberia, Antarctica, of Frostbite Falls MN.

Gasoline has NEVER frozen at the temperatures found on this planet. It’s water in the fuel tank that freezes. (I know: picky, picky, picky!)

Since the ethanol in E10 will “absorb” a substantial amount of water, frozen fuel lines caused by water contamination are much less likely.

NYBo is 100% correct. It’s the water that gets in the gas that freezes. It still happens though. Especially in very very cold weather.