Reg gas in a Diesel SUV

This is a “Stupid Woman” email. While visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Montana I had the use of their 2001 Ford Excursion to drive. I decided to put gas in the car because I was down to 1/4 tank. There is only one place in the car that says use diesel fuel only and I didn’t see it. Duh! My friend read the user’s manual and said that it took regular gas. (it was one of those duel manuals with diesel on one side and gas on the other). We drove all the way to Yellowstone and back. Long way. The I decided to put more gas in. By that time the reg gas that was floating on the diesel gas hit the engine and I got a lot black belching smoke so I drove it to the dealer. They drained the gas out and checked the engine and it seems to be running OK.

My question is: Do you think there is going to be something lurking in the engine that is going to raise its ugly head soon? Do you think I caused to real damage?

Thank you,

Amie Theisen

the only thing you can really damage is the fuel pump,but if its running ok,then its probably gonna be fine!you were lucky this time.

Running gasoline through a diesel fuel system is not good for the injectors or the injector pump. If there’s a loss of performance from the engine at a later time, these areas may have to be addressed.


Feel anything but guilty. They should have told you that it was a diesel and what kind of fuel to use. There may be problems later, but people have been lucky before.

My sister did this on her own F-250 2003 Ford truck.She assumed all green colored pump nozzels(the plastic cover)ment diesel.She didn’t go as far as you,the truck suffered no damage (its been many miles by now) but the bill to get the gas out of the system $600.00.