Refrigerant AC for1994 Ford Taurus

Is H134A used in 1994 Ford Taurus AC system?

There should be a placard under the hood that identifies the type of refrigerant that is used in the AC system of your vehicle.


I want to receive more information on the possible toxic effects of R134A refrigerant if there is a leak in the AC system both when AC is on and AC is off.

Try a Google search.

“Freon” is considered to be “Non-Toxic”… Sooner or later, it all goes into the atmosphere…

Just about any car A/C unit leaks a little after it gets to be a year or so old. The only question is the degree of the leak and it will leak whether the system is in operation or not.
Car A/C units are not hermetically sealed like home central units.

You should only worry about toxicity if the refrigerant is being burned. This creates Phosgene gas which can be fatal (think of WWI trench warfare).
Since it’s unlikely you’ll ever be around burning refrigerant it’s a non-issue.

32oz of r134a is in a 94 Taurus.
We’ll never be able to recover and save all the potential quantaties of freon.
When you have a system leak problem , it’s already leaked out before you go to the shop.
When you have a wreck, it’s all outta there in seconds.