Recurring brakes prob

Seems like about every couple months I need to fix my brakes. What happens when I start the car the brakes will be super stiff and I really have to stomp on it to stop the car even at slow speeds. After a block or so it goes away. I take it in and there’s generally some sort of leak in a hose, but it keeps happening again and again, what gives. The cars a 2001 volvo v40.

check to see if you have a vacume boost assist brakes (power brakes, if so a vacume leak that is small will give this results, check the hoses again in detail and the pcv valve for sticking.dose it usuly happen when you are just starting off from a start and goes away once your driving along fro a min or so?

That’s exactly it the vacume assist. It’s always leaking on me I get it fixed it seems constantly. It usually only happens when starting out but I’ve had it happen on the highway after several hours of driving. IS this a common prob with my car is there a fix or is it just something I need to learn to live with?

The brake booster needs a check valve between the engine and booster to hold vacuum in the booster when the engine vacuum fluctuates with normal operation. If the hose is tight, I would think to check the check valve. This should be cheap to replace. If the check valve is OK, then there might be a leak in the booster itself. Both of these are easy for a shop to check.

I’ve had the valves, hoses, and boosters replaced each more than once but it keeps happening, is it me?