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I’m looking for a reliable car with easy cargo access and good mileage. I figure that I have to go with a station wagon. Are there any cooler options? Price range is $8000-$9000 so year is relevant.

“Cool” is entirely in the eyes of the beholder. There’s lots of vehicles that fit your description. I like the Scion xB, but there are plenty of other choices.

If it is just you, a Scion Tc would be fun, but if there is a wife and kids involved, you may be in for a station wagon or (GASP) minivan (clutch chest and keel over…)

Wait did someone just say Scion XB and “COOL” in the same post…LOL :slight_smile:

I persoanlly think the old Whale (1994-1996) Caprice Wagons are cool as hell… Some say not so much… I think as Mountainbike says “COOL” is a relitive term, and really only you can deside what is cool. As for cargo and good MPG, what size cargo are you hauling??

Chevy HHR, or is it HRR? Anyway a good practical car with a flexible seating set up. Shares many parts with other GM cars so not a hard car to get repaired.

The Chevy HHR is essentially a Cobalt wagon. We have a 2009 Cobalt LT1 sedan and are very happy with it. You might also look at a Ford Focus wagon (last year 2007).

Moving a massage table frequently is the main reason for wanting easy cargo access. Don’t need a lot of room, it just has to be easy. And it is usually just me with the occasional passenger. No need (raise hands in gratitude to The Lord) for a mini-van.

The HHR has a low cargo bed height and no tail gate to lower and damage. Take the massage table with you when you test drive any car and see how easy it is to load and unload. Hatchbacks like the Mazda3, Toyota Matrix, and it’s twin Pontiac Vibe might also be worth a look. Don’t worry about Vibe parts. They are all the same except for a few body trim items, and Toyota parts will fit if required.