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Recommendations for a Van/Cargo van

I run a non-profit organization. We are looking into getting a van because we attend a lot of outreach events and have to take a lot of items with us. We also have a thrift store and need to occasionally pick up items from donors.

I would like a van with not a lot of windows so we can store items in it and one that can also seat 4 people. New or used, but not more than $25K

Any suggestions?

You might want to look at the Ford Transit Connect Wagon XL. It’s a hybrid cargo van/passenger vehicle that can carry up to 7 passengers. In cargo mode the rear seats fold down. MSRP new is $25k but you should be able to find a used one for less.

The “not a lot of windows” may be hard to find in a vehicle that carries more than 2 people, because the rear passengers typically want windows.

If you want fewer windows you could opt for the Transit Connect Van, which has only 2 seats and no windows in back, and have 2 more seats installed in the cargo area.

Great ideas…thanks!

See if you can find a 2012 Nissan NV van. It has a huge cargo area and you can remove the rear seats if you need to. It seats 12 with all the seats in.

We use the GMC Savanna vans at work, seem to be fine, a new will be more but would recommend awd as an option if you drive in any snow at all.

I agree with @Barkydog. These are not the most economical vans but they are reliable and there may be plenty used on the market. They are tough handlers in snow I agree without weight, but if you are willing to load them with some weight in the back and use good tires, (All terrain in snow) they are OK, especially with the newer ones with traction control. In AWD they become really bigger gas hogs and may have more reliability problems over time. Otherwise, in base form, the are tanks if you take the right precaution. A friend uses them for his band…very good.

At $25,000 the Savanna would have to be used. Fortunately, a 2013 or 2012 should meet your price requirement. It will have to be the LS trim level. If you want a higher trim level, drop a year or two down to meet your price point.

None of the cargo vans I see are selling for as much as $25,000. Used ones with 17,000 to 20,000 miles were selling for $17,000. New ones are on sale for $22,000. If you don’t see those prices, wait a while or just make an offer and see what happens.

I am also looking for a cargo van, for conversion to Class B motorhome. Any input on which would be the best for that? Just … what’s the best van overall, and why? I’m just collecting data and opinions right now. Thanks !

Also, should I start a new thread for this ? :smiley:

sounds like a good thread to me. start it new!

Yes, Dr Ducky, you definitely should start a new thread. You will get more readers that way.