Recommendations for a roomy, quiet car with low-delay torque

My wife and I currently drive a 2015 Accord LX and are considering getting a new car. Unfortunately, none of us know much about cars and their internal workings to be able to pick a new car that satisfies our requirements. However, we know the things we like/dislike and would appreciate it if you could help us choose our next car :v:t3:

There are a few things we love about our Accord:

  1. Large windshield and windows, which help visibility and prevent feeling cramped
  2. An almost non-existent delay between the time the gas pedal is pressed and the time the car moves (or jumps :grinning:)
  3. Plenty of legroom, headroom, and shoulder room for us and other passengers

The thing we dislike very much about our Accord is its wind/road noise, especially on highways and in San Francisco with its terrible pavement and abundant potholes.

The things we like to have in our new car are the following:

  1. Large windshield and windows
  2. As quiet as possible; very smooth ride
  3. Almost instant torque
  4. A smooth adaptive cruise control with stop & go

We prefer a roomy cabin, but can stand smaller legroom because we’re 5’8" or shorter.
My wife like SUVs but I personally prefer sedans. We’re open to both options as long as they meet our requirements.

Our budget is around $65K.

We would really appreciate it if you could share your experience and knowledge with us. Thank you!

Hardly anyone who asks here what to buy ever gets one of the recommendations . Vehicles are in short supply now. New ones are being sold for over sticker or with so many dealer add-ons that there are no decent prices out there

Just go to as many brand web sites as you can find . They all have a build your own section . That way you will know what features they have and good idea of cost .

Not sure where the instant torque question comes from . Only a test drive will answer that for you.

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We’re not in a rush to buy a car. As long as we know what options are out there, we can keep an eye on them and make the purchase when the right time comes.

It sounds to me like you want an electric car.


Large windows will be tough to find.


Is that because of the nearly instant torque I mentioned? If yes, would something like the 48-volt hybrid system that the 2023 GLC 300 will include provide a similar torque?

Why the fixation on instant acceleration? Is this going to be a Bank robbery getaway vehicle . Could you be asking about Turbo charger lag ? If so that is not really a problem like it was years ago.

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A Rav4 Prime would also give you that, 300 hp. And there seem to be a number in the Bay area.


Haha. No, it’s just that I’m used to having the car react to a small pressure on the pedal that cars with a lag seem so unnatural and weird. The instant reaction feels a lot better.

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What are these vehicles that have this lag . I have driven many different vehicles and have never felt that problem .

I certainly felt it even with the X3 and RX350 but much less so with the GLC 300. The wife had the same opinion.

I’d suggest a Toyota Avalon if they are still, available. If you want an SUV, I’d suggest a Lexus or Buick. Remember: “When better Buicks are built, Lexus will build them”.


I was going to suggest the same thing that old mopar guy did, the Avalon. Buick no longer makes cars, just suvs. Do not even look at an Encore but perhaps one of the larger ones ill do. Buick and the Toyota Avalon have always focused on smooth ride and quiet cabins.

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I have a 2017 Accord EX-L with the 4-cyl engine and I agree that the car moves instantly from a stop. I’m almost always way ahead of the other cars pulling away from a stoplight if I’m first in line. I don’t floor it, the car just has a lot of low end. That seems odd for a normally aspirated 4-cyl with a CVT, but that’s how it is.


Glad to see someone else has the same experience. I was starting to doubt my senses :smiley:

We had enough problems understanding what you meant by acceleration lag…this is something you need to test drive rather rely on our comments.

And no, the 48v hybrid Merc won’t rival an electric vehicle for instant response. The EV will have more torque, instantly from a standstill.

I suggest you visit dealers and arrange many test drives. When you narrow it down, try to arrange a longer test drive so van confirm the car is comfortable for you.


Many new vehicles have small displacement turbocharged engines that lack low end torque.

The RX350 has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is very responsive on take-off. The disappointment occurs in “ECO” mode, upshifts too early and provides poor acceleration.

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Sorry about the inconvenience. I wasn’t familiar with the terminology.
It looks like low-end high-torque would’ve been a proper explanation.

Thank you. This is very useful information.

Is this due to the engine being small, the turbocharger, or a combination of both? I want to know which one I should focus on more when narrowing down my search.

Then you have plenty of time to actually test drive many vehicles instead of relying on nameless, faceless, internet strangers. :slight_smile: