Recession, Mercedes Benz oil change or 1 wrench repair

My MB (Mercedes-Benz) is telling me I need a one wrench maintenance check. This is mainly oil change, check fluids, brakes etc. The dealer charges $199.

Question: A non Mercedes owner, over the weekend suggested I go to “Jiffy Lube” for an oil change. What are your thoughts?

Mine - I’m scared. Should I trust “Jiffy Lube” to change my oil?

Please advise.

What year & mileage? Once your vehicle is out of warranty, the best way to save money is to keep your Mercedes as far away from the Mercedes dealer as possible.

M class is common enough that most places will have the correct filter and have no problem changing your oil, etc. My only problem with my 1989 Mercedes is that most of those places don’t have the right filter in stock for my car. I change my own oil anyway.

Find yourself a good, trustworthy, independent mechanic that works on the M-class and stay away from the dealer.

Stay away from Jiffy Lube! They are notorious for botching oil changes and not performing services that you paid for. They are so bad that television stations have run investigative reports on them. Find an independent shop that you trust to do the work.

My brother once investigated purchasing a quick lube franchise. He found out that he would be told by headquarters how he was to run the business. My brother decided to invest his money elsewhere.

If this decision scares you, and you were able to afford a Merc to begin with, pony up the $200 and take it to the dealer and be done with it.

Do a search on “Jiffy Lube” or “quick lube” on this forum. Mostly horror stories. A coworker took an 80’s 300D to quick lube place for an oil change . The filter/canister came off on the way home. Diesel engines are expensive to replace. Find an independent mechanic if the dealership is too expensive.

Ed B.

I wouldn’t drive into a Jiffy-Lube, or any similar franchise, even to ask directions.

Too many horror stories.

You could find an independent mechanic, hopefully one familiar with MB vehicles, as opposed to the dealer, but stay away from the quick-change places.

I agree with others that you should stay away from Jiffy Lube. But make sure that wherever you go the oil that is used meets Mercedes-Benz specifications (a lot of oils don’t). Your owners manual should have more information on what specifications your vehicle requires.

I wouldn’t even use Jiffy Lube to relieve myself. I’ve seen them work.

Find a reputable owner-operated independent shop, preferably one that specializes in Mercedes.