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Oil change question 2001 Audi A4

Hello, I own a 2001 Audi A4 great condition. I have always gone to the dealership to do the oil change. But now i have started wondering if I can go to Jiffy Lube and get oil changes instead of the Audi dealership thus saving substantial amount.

This car needs to take VW specified oil. Plus it is so easy to drain the transmission fluid instead of the oil by mistake on this car. For those reason I would stick with the dealer.

Get to know your car and do it yourself. I don’t trust Jiffy Lube type places. They will lie to you about what your car needs done to it and they will screw up the work they do perform. Don’t risk it.

Your best bet is to ask around for a trusty independent. An oil change is also a good way to meet a independent Euro mechanic and get a taste for them in case you need them.

No fast lube places at all and go where the oldest machanics work for stuff like that. Expect everything to be overtightened whenever somebody else does your oil change.

The dealer is the second worse place for an oil change in my book, the absolutely worse is any quick lube place. We see far too many stories about those quick lube places.

The typical quick lube business model means they hire untrained staff, allow them less time than is needed to do the job and then demand that they sell unneeded worthless add on services.

Dealers tend to be no better or worse than independent mechanics, but they do tend to be more expensive.

I think you will find that most of the regulars here do all their own changes. I only recommend that for you if you feel comfortable with the idea. It is not really difficult. If I can do it, you can.

I started using a non-dealer vendor to change my oil - my engine blew up from the wrong type of oil being used. Out of its warranty and now it is an expensive yard decoration - $7,800 for replacement engine and labor. Stay with the dealer or a certified VW (European certified mechanic) Audi has a list of certified mechanics at the corporate level.