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Reception with new radio receiver and antenna

Just had a new receiver installed and power antenna, and now my radio reception is poor. Connections seem to be fine. What could be causing this problem? Is there a way to boost FM reception? Thanks!

Most likely thing is that the antenna didn’t get plugged into the radio or that it accidentally got unplugged while wrestling it into the dash. Second most likely would be that the antenna cable from the the radio didn’t get hooked to the new antenna if a connection is required there. Another possibility is that the antenna is somehow shorted to the body of the car. Since the radio ground is also connected to the body of car, there won’t be much signal delivered.

Power antenna – is there much difference in signal between the antenna up and the antenna retracted? If there isn’t, that would fit in with the antenna being unplugged or shorted to ground.

If you don’t do your own work, take the car back to the guy who did the installation and ask if the antenna is working right. If he/she says yes, maybe take it to someone else and get a second opinion.

Try AM. If when using the “seek” feature the radio will lock on a AM station the antenna is plugged in,there is no way it would lock on a AM station without a antenna pluged in.