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Recall and/or common issue-Pontiac Montana 03

Is there any known recalls or known common issues regarding blown head gaskets for a Pontiac Montana 2003, V6/3.4?

A look at ALLDATA shows no Recalls or TSBs for head gasket issues on the 3.4.
If this vehicle has been overheated for whatever reason or was purchased used that could be a reason for head gasket problems; due to a recent overheating episode or a prior one if the car was not purchased new.

ALLDATA does show a quite lengthy Recall and TSB record on this vehicle though

There was a settlement in the class action suit against GM and the 3.4L was covered. Unfortunately Oct 2008 was the last date to submit the claim. Here is a copy of the settlement

I had to replace the intake gasket on my 2000 Blazer at 44k miles (Feb 04), the dealer split the cost 50/50 as a goodwill gesture.

Ed B.