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Rebuilt Transmission Effects?

We have just had a rebuilt transmission put in a 1987 Dodge Lancer. (Auto has always been cared for…) Question: Is there any conceivable way, the ‘speedometer’ and ‘rpm’ gages (on the dash)l could have been affected by the installation?

Here’s what happened: About a week after the install, my wife was almost home from work, when the car started sounding like a truck, and the speedometer and rpm gages quit working at the same time. After getting home, (afraid to drive it), we had the car towed back to the mechanic.

Long story short, we were told that it was simply a coincidence… the timing got off and needed to be reset on the transmission; and the speedometer cable was old and broke… True? Or what? Help me here people!

Thank You in Advance!


yes its possiable the car is a 1987

I would not be at all surprised if the cable was worn out and ready to go. Coincidences do happen.

You said the car started sounding like a truck and then the gauges stopped.

Sounds like something might have come loose on the exhaust system and burned through the cable and possibly some wires.

You’r not kidding you really have a 87 Lancer that still runs and drives ho–y s–t

Thanks guys but no cigar. The mechanic said that the reason the car engine was so loud was because the timing needs to be reset. I asked how did it get off so quickly after less than a week?
He said he didn’t know. Duh! When I drove and checked to hear what my wife was talking about, pressing the gas pedal felt as if I were driving downhill in 1st gear… (it’s automatic) but I did feel the gears change.

The point is: It drove alright till she exited the expressway to the light, that was red. When it changed, she hit the gas, car sounded like a Mac truck AND the speedometer and rpm gages ceased working.

Twilight Zone or what?

I’m waiting… you guys probably know about everything that’s important to know, & then some. I’d really like to play smart when I talk to the mechanic…

This is why techs get so frustrated with customers, no offense but we need the whole truth in its entirety from the beginning in order to make a proper diagnosis.

I would like this mechanic to explain to us how the timing if he is referring to the engine’s timing, is going to affect the transmission!!
Has there been any difference with the engine’ behavior? popping, hard starts, dieseling or after run?

Phase alignment this is what your mechanic might be referring to when he is mentioning timing and if it was out, the torque converter would be thrown out of balance and the car would shake more than normal. highly unlikely.

It’s the transmission NOT the timing whatever failed internally is now creating an abnormally high load on the engine hence the stuck in first gear sensation.
The engine’s noisy because now it has to work a lot harder due to drag on the crankshaft .

Also, insist that you have the torque converter replaced and the radiator inspected. You don’t want to go through this a third time.

Good Luck

With a 1987 most anything is possible. I think the shop is probably correct. Just a coincidence.

It may be that the xmission work may have put some added stress on the cable too. But that’s to be expected. Wouldn’t be the shop’s fault that the cable breaks afterward, just that the cable was about to break anyway.