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Rebuilt motor or new car

i have a 96 lumina.the engine is shot.whats more logical to change the engine and transmission cause the trans. is messed up to.or buy a new car.the car already has 288k on it.please respond quickly my dad doesnt want to get a new car.what would be the price difference between changing out the engine and trans. to getting a new car new used car that is.

With 288,000 mileson this car, I would not bother. Between worn suspension components and other items, it just doesn’t make sense.

I would for a 2002 Civic or Corolla with less than 100,000 miles on it.

If the car is in otherwise good shape (I don’t know how likely this is for a Lumina with 288k on it!), the most cost-effective option for keeping this car would be to buy a used engine/transmission combo from a junkyard. But even with this option, the labor alone to do the swap might buy a '96 Lumina or two with half the mileage. I think it’s time for a new-to-him car.