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Rebuilt engine

How much would it cost to have my engine rebuilt? I have a 93 Accord EX. Looks like I blew a head gasket. Thanks

Why does the engine need to be rebuilt? Just have the head machined and replace the head gasket. That all will probably run around $1000. Rebuilding the engine would cost a lot more.

A leaking head gasket does not normally mean the engine needs to be rebuilt. Replacing a leaking head gasket will be MUCH less expensive than rebuilding the entire engine.

How many miles on the engine?

I get the feeling that the head gasket is not all that needs repair here, like someone kept on driving with the car overheating perhaps? they never pull over you know, “I was in a dangerous area and could not stop”.

In any case a partial repair on a 93 Honda would only be a grocery getter,and no ice cream.

Take your repair money and anything good off the 93 and move on to a “new” car like maybe a 95.