Rebuilding an engine

How much do you think it would cost to rebuild say a 91 3000GT SL 3.0 V6 engine minust the cost of taking it out and puting it back in?

There is no way in the world of knowing this since labor rates vary so much, and most importantly, a shop’s idea of what constitutes an engine rebuild can mean a dozen different things.

Without an engine teardown, one does not know if the camshafts are shot, cylinder walls gouged and need resleeved, valve guides shot, along with a hundred other things.

A PROPER, by the book rebuild WILL be expensive no doubt about it; especially on this car.
If someone is talking a few thousand dollars then you’re getting a half-xxx rebuild.

See what the price of a re-ring kit costs. The price of the camshaft(s) the price of the main bearingsand add $600 to that. It may come to more money as some engines require more work. Then a head may be cracked or warped on so old a car so plan on getting a remanufactured engine. Then the chances of it running for a while get much better. Maybe the cost of a rebuilt is nearly the same as a reman.

More than the car is worth, that’s for sure. Why not install a used (salvage yard) engine? Don’t re-build, re-cycle!