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Rebuilding a 1999 Altima engine

My memory sometimes embarrasses me but I seem to recall a 49 Buick flat head straight 8. Internet searches seem to leave me wondering though.

This is continuing with Off Topic but here you can see that Buick was always OHV if you can believe Wikipedia.

At the bare minimum besides the clutch, I’d replace the water pump, timing belt, and fuel filter while the engine was out. Optionally, I’d take the alternator and starter motor to an auto electric shop and have them test these parts, and fix or rebuild them if necessary. The starter motor selonoid contacts are likely nearly shot if it hasn’t been replaced recently. And I’d take the radiator to a radiator shop and have it steam cleaned and pressure tested.

There seems to be some confusion about “straight-eight” and “flathead” engines. Sratght 8,6,or 4 cylinder engines just mean that the cylinders are in line one behind the other. “Flathead” just means the valves are in the block not the head.
Inline 8,6 amd 4s were made in flathead, ohv and overhead cam designs for years. There were even some engines made with the exhaust in the block and the intake vale in the head.

Buicks have ALWAYS been “Valve-In-Head” or overhead valve engines. There is no such thing as a Buick Flathead Straight Eight…

My memory was that it was a flathead, but I guess I could be wrong. It was a few years ago ( like 45! ) so things have a way of getting a little unclear. I do remember that the head was really, really heavy and it took 3 people to wrestle it back on to the block. It was a Buick Special, bottom of the line, with a Dynaflow transmission and a radio that worked great after it warmed up.

Well I decided to buy a used engine (120K miles) from a local yard. $900 with 30 day warranty. We will install it soon.

Sadly I can’t speak for any old school Buicks, the only ones I grew up with seem to be junk.

Thanks for yall’s help!

I’ll agree on that wikipedia page may have led me astray. While I always knew the distinction between inline and flathead, I seemed to have latched on to the earlier inline & flathead engine discussions on that page and didn’t pay close attention to when began only using the term “inline” later on. Sorry for any misleading.

My 1st car was a 1950 Buick Century with a straight 8. It was definitely Overhead Valve. Included equipment was a Dynaflow automatic transmission and a starter solenoid that was part of the carburator linkage. (Turn the key to “on”, depress the accelerator pedal and the starter motor would engage.)

@caddyman Well, you may have been right. I took a spare block and crank from another Altima that we had to the machine shop and it was junk they said. That Altima had been driven hot as well. Perhaps my own Altima’s parts are the same. It’s no matter now that I bought another used engine. Sadly , this car’s engine doesnt hold up to reuse apparently. Not like the old school Buicks I reckon. Ha.
Thanks again.