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Engine swap question

Hello fellas. I need to have the engine of my 99 Mazda Protege replaced. I am wondering if $2200 is a good price for this particular job. My mechanic is asking me $2200 for an engine with 136k miles aprox with labor and 1 year warranty included. Says he will try his best to get a lower mileage engine but its rather difficult for an old vehicle like this. The high mileage worries me a bit but he says that there is nothing to worry about, because if an engine can last a year it can last at least 5 years. Also he will be replacing timing belt, water pump and the radiator. With all these included it will be $2500.

The quotes I got from other shops were around $1700 or something but they will not warrant anything other than labor. If the engine is bad I will have to ask LKQ or wherever the mechanic got the engine from for a warranty. This doesn’t sound too good for me. I will rather pay a few hundred bucks more for the warranty the shop gives me. What do you guys think?

Can u buy a running 99 Mazda for <$2200?bet u can. Than u have a backup parts car. The one u have now.

If the car is in good enough shape to keep just spend the money for a completely rebuilt engine and drive the money out of it. A used engine with lots of miles and you could be back here in a few months asking the same question.

@“VOLVO V70” where can I get a rebuilt engine?

Google or use the yellow pages because we don’t know where you are.

Here’s a place for you or your mechanic to start