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Rebuild top half or full rebuild

2003 chev 3400 impala w/135kmi. uses 2quarts a month just daily driving and occasional 500 roundtrip weekender. but whats the cost of both…or just let it go… the car is almost paid for. doenst smoke and no leaks. thanks to all…

See if GM includes this engine in their “crate motor” program.

2 quarts over how many miles? If over 1500-2000 miles I would not even bother with a rebuild.

A case of motor oil is not expensive. Just top off/fill as you likely are every fillup or every other. This car is hardly worth the cost a rebuild in today’s market. But not sure where you are located etc.

First thing is check the PCV valve. A clogged or stuck PCV can cause oil consumption problems.

Simply pull the PCV and shake it. If it rattles like a rack in a can then it’s good.
If you hear nothing or the rattle is erratic in nature then the PCV is bad.

You can buy a lot of oil for $2500…

thanks i sink you guys answered my question…thanks much…
iam going to buy some oil!and check the pcv valve.

Any visible smoke? some states will fail your inspection over visible smoke. CA. has a hotline to report visibly smoking vehicles,the days of just driving “smokers” is comming to a end.

nope …doesnt smoke…i usually never buy the extras when i get the oil changed…like thepcv valve. air cleaner.wipers bulbs…cabinair filter.

Do some people buy these extras? I am like you,never.

“Do some people buy these extras?”

Of course! But like you, I buy and install the myself.