Rear tires wearing on FWD Car

My 2011 Hyundai Elantra has been having much more wear in its rear tires compared to its fronts. I’ve had it realigned multiple times, but continues to have this problem. Does anybody have any thoughts?

Describe the wear - is it even across both tires?

The wear is even across both rear tires, and markedly less than the front tires.

Do you rotate the tires?

Why not rotate the tires regularly? That will even out your wear.

As for why… check for 2 bent rear wheels

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Don’t you mean “markedly more than the front tires”??

Yes I rotate them, but it just strikes me as odd that on a fwd car the rear tires are wearing at a rate that they do.

Yes I meant more, my bad

If the rear tires are wearing FASTER than the fronts, you should get the rear tires aligned. If you have an independent rear suspension, there are usually adjustments. If you have a solid rear suspension, they can check for toe in or toe out and if it is out of spec, they can shim the rear hub assembly to correct it.

I had this problem on a 2007 Mazda 3. The alignment shop told me the rear did not have a camber adjustment. They installed a camber kit, and the problem disappeared.

A good shop should be able to tell you where the problem lies.

I don’t know how many miles I had on my Park Ave but it wasn’t that much and my one rear tire was about octagon shape. Tire shop manager talked me into 4 wheel alignment but with the shim kits for the back saying they come off the transport often out of whack. Worked great. Yeah maybe new shop and 4 wheel alignment again.

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Yes, but… how often?
My approach to your problem would be to have the best alignment shop in the area do a 4 wheel alignment. If that failed to resolve the uneven tire wear problem, I think that it would only be logical to have the tires rotated more often, even if it was more frequent than the vehicle mfr specfiies.

Did the say the back was inline? I have a 2012 Elantra and the last time I had an adjustment they said the back was a little out but there was not adjustment and was told I might have a little faster wear in the back. You might be able to shim. I’ve read these cars are prone to bent back axle which is solid. You might also want to put on new shocks in back.

Posting alignment data would help.

My guess is that all the alignment shops used by the OP think that just because the factory didn’t provide alignment adjustment, that they don’t need to do it. The OP is proving them wrong.

Yup, get the alignment printouts! At the very least, the toe in the rear is out - and I’ll bet there is something wrong with the chassis!!