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Rear tire wear on Chrysler minivan

The rear tires wear about twice as fast as the front on my 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. Every other front engine, front wheel drive car, including two other Mopar minivans, have worn their front tires much faster than the rears. Alignment and weight-loading are a couple of reasons I can think of that might contribute to rear wear, but the vehicle tracks straight at all speeds, and my wife and I are usually the only ‘load’. Any ideas?

The car tracking straight is not an indication that the alignment is not off. Start by having the alignment checked and. in the process, the chassis checked out. The "chassis look-see) should be done with any alignment anyway, but pointing out that you want it done means that they’ll check bushings etc. that many alignment guys would not bother with.

The other thing you can do is google “reading tire wear” and compare your wear to the illustrations. Abnormal wear can be revealing. Note that this is not in lieu of getting an alignment and a “look-see” done. It is, rather, in addition to the other recommendation.

You weren’t clear. Did you actually have the alignment checked?

Forget the tracking, have the alignment professionally set.

Can you tell us or show us how the tires are wearing out? Unevenly? Feathered? Cupped? Only on the inside? In this case a picture is worth a thousand words.

My daughter recently found out the shop she used automatically rotated the worst tires to the rear, as she had bought good used tires for the rear. Maybe that is going on.

maybe OP is buying so-so tires. try putting 4 good different brand tires on.

Misaligned front wheels can mask misaligned rear wheels so you might want a four wheel alignment check. Front driver cars and likely your van also have much more weight on the front wheels than the rears plus front tires get the added stress of cornering so what you are saying about fronts wearing more is true.