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Rear tire

My driverside rear tire is making a squeky/clicking sound whem the tire makes a rotation. It sounds like it is coming from the wheel well area.

Does the noise go away or change when you pull up on the emergency brake, or press on the brake pedal slightly?

If you have a plastic wheel cover, remove it and see if the clicking stops. More info would be helpful; make, model, year, front or rear wheel drive, mileage, etc.

Ed B.

I just got my 2003 T-Bird washed and waxed - first time in months, I’m embarrassed to say. When I picked it up last night, the right rear wheel is now making a clicking sound - like something is attached to the tire as it rotates. I looked at it with a flashlight and saw corroded metal along the inside rim of just that tire. A one inch piece broke off in my hand. I cut my finger on a larger piece that is obviously a thick metal that will not break off. Is this the source of the clicking? What does this corrosion mean?

If you’re not sure what it is, I’d get it to a tire shop, and ask them. This doesn’t sound like a safe vehicle anymore.

It means you need to have a knowledgable shop remove and evaluate your wheels ASAP!!!

It’s possible that the castings were overly pourous and you have other problems ready to develop…like having a piece break off of a wheel from resultant corrosion the next time you go on the highway. Until you find out overwise, consider these wheels unsafe. For was having a problem with wheel porosity for a period of years. It caused slow leaks. I’m speculating that your wheels may be some of the bad ones.