Rear shocks on Mazda Tribute

I need to replace the rear shocks on my 2005 Tribute. The official repair manual instructs me to remove the rear quarter panel trim piece in order to get to the upper shock nut. Does anyone know what that is?

And what happened to the little removable cap in the interior to access the upper nut?

These are things that one often does not notice when purchasing a car.

Thanks for anyone’s help.

Tom B

OK. After scouring the 15 pound shop manual, I have discovered that the rear quarter panel trim piece is the plastic in the interior. It doesn’t seem too dificult to remove, but it does seem that Ford could have provided us with a little pop off removable cap to access the upper shock nut, like Honda does, or did anyway – don’t know about the modern Hondas. And by the way Ford, my Honda had over 200,000 miles when my wife made me get rid of it, and it still had the original shocks - they had not leaked a bit.

I’m going back to Honda next time. So there!