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Rear end squeeks and alignment issue after SEARS "fixed"

I have a 91 GM with really only 34500 miles on - I got it from a 91 year old guy who had 5 cars when he died, so I guess he spread out the damage among all 5!

I had the shocks replaced all around, and now the rear shocks or something in the rear “squeeks” when I go over bumps. Its not a loud squeek, but my car sound like a junky car and it’s actually really in great shape! Also, I had the guys at the SEARS auto do an alignment when I had it in for the shock replacement, and it’s still out of alignment.

I took it back and was told, “Maybe it’s the crowning of the road, or windy, but the cars in spec!” I told them I have to turn left a little bit to keep the car straight, and they said “I dunno?!”, the car is aligned!

Who can help me? I want to rub their nose in it for being so ?>S)(*DFD>MS!!! Any ideas?

BTW: my car is 1991 Grand Marquis

Maybe the pull is caused by a tire bias, which is not uncommon. Rotate the 2 front tires from side to side and see if the problem goes away.

As to the squeak in the rear that often points to something like a trailing arm bushing, etc. Applying some spray lubricant (not WD-40) may help. These kind of things are to be expected on a near 20 year old car.

As to the alignment itself and the pulling much could depend on what the actual specs are, if the vehicle has ever been wrecked, etc.; assuming the pull is not caused by tire bias.