Rear end noise - 2007 GMC Sierra crew cab

My 2007 GMC makes a loud “clunk” sometimes after stopping. This seems to happen after a hard stop, but not always. The symptom is like a gear set with a missing tooth or a splined shaft that slips under load. There is no problem when accelerating or cruising speeds. The jolt is strong enough that passengers will ask me what is wrong with the vehicle. I cannot repeat the symptom at will. Have checked rear suspension for looseness no problem. Vehicle has V8 with limited slip rear end, and towing pkg. The GMC dealer tells me some trucks will mke this noise but they have not given a logical reason as to what causes this.

Remove the driveshaft from the transmission for the rear differentail and slather moly grease on the slip yoke for the transmission and reinstall the drive shaft. It will get rid of the clunking noise for a while.