Rear end gear ratio

What is the highest(most economical) rear end gear ratio used in General Motors Trucks

The Hybrid trucks have a 3.08 gear ratio. The 2WD V6 models have 3.23 rear end standard. The 4.8L and 5.3L have 3.42 gears standard with, 3.73’s optional. 4WD models have 3.42 gears standard with 3.73 and 4.10 ratios optional. I think that 3.42 gears are probably the best compromise. I would probably opt for the 3.73’s though. With the 6 speed automatics they use now rear end choice doesn’t have quite as big an impact of fuel economy as it used to.

It should be said that if you’re after fuel economy, there are better options available. And if you need to tow something regularly, going with a shorter (numerically higher) rear end will make things more pleasant.