Rear end exchange

What all rear ends can i put on my 95 jeep wrangler 5speed 4.10 gear ratio.

Is it 2WD or 4WD? It makes a huge difference. 2WD, you can change the rear axle ratio to fit your needs. 4WD, you must match the ratio with the front axle or something expensive and dangerous will break.

Do want to change the ratio? Beef up the rear axel? You can do alot with Jeep if you have deep pockets.

Check out one of the Jeep-focussed magazines they sell at bookstores. My local Barnes and Noble’s has two or three different magazine titles on the shelf that deal with Jeeps and how to modify them. There’s other magazines that feature 4WD of all types. Modifying and enhancing these kinds of vehicles seems to be a popular thing to do.