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4wd tire chains

am going to do light plowing w/my 2005 wrangler up a steep hill. bought 1 set of chains. front axle 4wd or rear axle 2wd or rear axle 4wd?

Rear Axle.

Drive up and plow on the way down if at all possible. Plowing up hill is a recipe for disaster if you fail mid-push.

Dumb questions, why plow uphill with such a light vehicle? Lastly why not four chains?

Chains in front will give you the most traction.

Your Jeep has large enough front fender wells to clear the chains as well.

Having only one set of chains, you’ll get a smoother plowed path with them on the rear. If not plowing, but hill climbing/ mud bogging around your property, chains on the front will bite better. ( did this on a 72 Scout II, the thing was a TANK ! climbed a 40 degree snow covered hill.)

Depends on what size tires you have. All 4 is the best if you have clearance in the front. If you are running larger tires, you risk the chains hitting the frame in front at full lock (left or right). Otherwise, on the rear.

owners manual.


The rear axle is TWICE as strong as the front. And there are no steering knuckles or CV joints to explode if you are foolish enough to apply a lot of power with the front wheels turned at a sharp angle…Successful plowing is more skill than brute force or high power. Chain up the rear wheels and let them do most of the work…NEVER apply a lot of power with the front wheels turned more than 5 or 10 degrees. THAT mistake can get VERY expensive.