Rear door

Our 2001 Blazer’s rear door (the one at the back end)will not open. When the button is pushed you can hear the selenoid but the latch does not function. There are no screws on the inside plastic. How do I drip the latch so I can open the rearend and get to the screws to remove the plastic to find the problem with the latch?

This may sound obvious, but have you tried to open the hatch with the key?

If that doesn’t work you may have to get a locksmith the remove the key cylinder and trip the mechanism or try it yourself.

on a different tack:

have someone inside the blazer push the button, while you are outside pushing in (hard) sometimes the latch gets out of whack and the screw in stops on the sides of the door frame need to be turned in to loosen the pressure on the lock.

then again, the key should work the same way, but if pressure on the door helps let the lock “unlock” then you still have to adjust the stop bumpers.